The Top 5 Ghostwriting Companies to Help You Write Your Memoir

If you’re considering working with a ghostwriter to create your memoir, you might feel some degree of caution at the thought of somebody else writing your story. After all, your book should feel like an extension of your own mind; your voice should leap off the page confidently and unmistakably.

Ghostwriters with enough skill and experience to truly absorb and replicate another person’s voice don’t grow on trees, but they are out there!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur reflecting on a dynamic career, or an immigrant with a unique social perspective to share, your story matters–and your search for the perfect collaborator starts with narrowing down the best ghostwriting companies. Here are our five picks for the most promising places to start looking.

Gotham Ghostwriters

New York-based Gotham Ghostwriters gives you access to a thousands-strong network of top-tier freelance writers and editors, so you’re sure to find a ghostwriter with the right background, skills, and personality to take on your project.

The company acts as an honest broker, creating a project description out of your ideas and matching it to candidates who may be a good fit. After reviewing and discussing proposals, portfolios, and rates together with your Gotham agent, you’ll have the opportunity to interview candidates of your choosing.

Once you’ve chosen a ghostwriter, Gotham will take care of all the paperwork and administrative tasks, and remain available for support and guidance throughout the partnership.

Gotham is an especially solid choice if you are interested in submitting your book to a publisher. The company has deep ties in the publishing world and can connect you with the literary agents, publishing houses, and marketing professionals best positioned to help you achieve your goals.

Gotham is widely acknowledged to be one of the best ghostwriting companies out there, with a client list that includes A-list celebrities, five US presidents, and a number of Fortune 500 executives.


If you’re producing an ebook and on the hunt for a ghostwriter who is at once efficient, affordable, and skilled, this agency, based out of Vancouver, Canada, may fit the bill. 

The freelance ghostwriters in 1SecondCopy’s network are experienced in writing everything from genre fiction to product manuals. That means you’re very likely to find someone who is the right match for your topic and style. If not, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee in the first week.

1SecondCopy’s writers maximize efficiency by making use of the latest AI writing tools to create outlines, structure information, and conduct thorough edits. This not only helps the company keep prices low; it also leaves the writers free to focus on  fine-tuning word choices and turns of phrase. The result is a top-quality, polished ebook that reads as though it came right from your own pen.

This agency boasts a clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies, and a roster of freelance writers whose work has appeared in Popular Mechanics, the LA Times, and Apple News, among other highly respected publications.

Kevin Anderson & Associates

New York-based Kevin Anderson & Associates differs from the two companies above in that it employs in-house writers. Together, their experience stretches across more than 100 industries.

KA & Associates boasts a reputation as one of the world’s best ghostwriting companies. The company has worked on bestselling books with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including J.K. Rowling, Dr. Dre, and Madonna. 

Their strategy is simple: they only take on a handful of clients each year, and each client is assigned a dedicated team of writers, editors, and researchers with outstanding credentials–they include bestselling authors and ghostwriters, as well as former Big 5 publishing executives. This ensures that every book KA & Associates produces is of the highest quality. 

Employing in-house writers rather than freelancers allows KA & Associates to offer an enhanced level of streamlined service and support. They help you to develop your ideas, provide detailed feedback on your writing, and offer advice on the publishing process.

Though it is far from the cheapest option out there, KA & Associates is a great fit for highly ambitious authors who are willing to invest time and money in making their projects succeed.

Elite Authors

Elite Authors was founded in 2006 by a group of writers who have worked with some of the biggest names in the publishing industry, including Random House, Simon & Schuster, and HarperCollins.

This company, which specializes in nonfiction, self-help, guides, and memoirs, is all about making it personal. Their strategy is to form a close partnership with you and ensure that your voice comes through in the final book.

Elite Authors offers a free consultation to get to know you and your story. Once they have a sense of what you're looking for, they'll pair you with a compatible ghostwriter who will help you bring your vision to life, with the company providing support and publishing advice along the way.

Depending on your budget and the scope of your project, you may be interested in their additional services, such as cover design and social media marketing campaigns.

Elite Authors has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you’ll end up with a book you can be proud of.

The Urban Writers

If you prefer to search for ghostwriters yourself in a flexible online environment, take a look at The Urban Writers. This user-centric platform is structured to help you connect with the best ghostwriter for your book. All you have to do is sign up, create a project, and post your writer requirements. From there, ghostwriters from all over the world who match your criteria will submit proposals for your project.

You can then review each proposal and select the writer you think is best suited for the job. The Urban Writers platform facilitates easy communication and includes project management tools to help keep your collaboration on track. You also have the freedom to choose your preferred payment model.

The Urban Writers offers more than just ghostwriting services; you may be interested in their book bundles, which include cover design and book descriptions.

In Summary

Writing a memoir is a highly personal endeavor. You’re sharing your deepest thoughts and memories with the world, and it can be difficult to know where to start. This is all the more so if you're busy or lack experience with writing.

The best ghostwriting companies will be able to match you with writers who have experience with memoirs and life stories. They'll help you organize your thoughts and turn them into a coherent, engaging book.

Finally, remember that a memoir is ultimately about your unique experience. The best ghostwriting companies won’t try to steal or change your voice. Rather, they will act as a conduit for your story.

By the end, you might even be surprised at how much more of you is in the book than you ever thought possible!

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