The Top 10 Ghostwriting Companies

If you’re burning to publish a book but struggling with a lack of time or writing skills, you might be one of the growing number of Americans interested in working with a ghostwriter.


But with so many different ghostwriting companies out there, how do you know which one to choose? Searching online brings up an enormous number of agencies and platforms, all with different organizational models. While many are serious and reliable, a bit of digging shows others are unfortunately not all they seem.

This list rounds up the 10 best ghostwriting companies for aspiring authors, based on services offered and customer satisfaction.

Ghostwriters & Co

Ghostwriters & Co offers premier ghostwriting for fiction and non-fiction books, in addition to coaching and editing services. Their clients rave about the company’s professional and personalized service, with many choosing to return to the company for future projects.

To get an idea of their culture and areas of expertise, check out their podcast, which offers inspiration and advice on creating exceptional content.


Based out of Vancouver, Canada, 1SecondCopy offers high-quality ghostwriting services at a variety of price points, for everything from product books to science fiction novels.

The agency makes use of cutting-edge AI writing tools to increase efficiency without sacrificing quality. Its content writing services are trusted by industry-leading businesses around the world, including Fortune 500 companies, as well as established publications.

Gotham Ghostwriters

With its vast network of freelance writers and editors, New York-based Gotham Ghostwriters is well placed to find the right collaborator for your project. Past Gotham clients include five US presidents and a host of Fortune 500 CEOs, and the company’s content has appeared in dozens of top-tier literary and business journals.

This ghostwriting company is an excellent choice for authors who are serious about being published. Thanks to its deep connections in the publishing world, Gotham is able to help clients navigate the process of finding the right publisher, literary agent, or media opportunity.

The Urban Writers

The Urban Writers is a user-centric platform aimed at helping you find the perfect ghostwriter for your book. Simply post your project description and start connecting with experienced freelance writers who match your criteria. You can choose amongst several different service bundles that include add-ons such as cover design, image sourcing, and professional descriptions.

This company prides itself on delivering a stress-free experience, allowing you to set your own terms of payment, and facilitates regular communication between you and your ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting LLC

In contrast to many ghostwriting companies, Ghostwriting LLC employs in-house writers who work under tight editorial supervision. This framework has led them to achieve a reputation for excellent quality, professionalism, and reliability.

The team at Ghostwriting LLC can handle books in almost any genre, and provides support with cover design, marketing, and publicity as part of its ghostwriting service package.

E-Writer Solutions

E-Writer Solutions is aimed especially at first-time authors who are intending to self-publish their work. Clients are invited to choose from an “a la carte” service menu–as opposed to a pre-set package–and are matched with a ghostwriter from the company’s large network. In addition to writing services, EWS offers advice and support on self-publication.

Though the writers themselves are well-paid, EWS’s business model keeps overhead costs to a minimum in order to pass on savings to clients. The company boasts the lowest per-word rate amongst any of its direct competitors.

Kevin Anderson & Associates

Kevin Anderson & Associates is a Los Angeles-based ghostwriting company that was founded in 1992 by Kevin Anderson. This renowned company employs professional in-house writers whose collective experience spans more than 100 different industries. 

When you work with KA & Associates, you gain access to a whole team, made up partly of Big-5 publishing executives, that is dedicated not only to creating an outstanding book, but to ensuring its success by beta-testing it and crafting an entire publishing strategy.

With more than one national bestseller in its portfolio, it should come as no surprise that this company is a top choice for ambitious authors.

Elite Authors

Elite Authors prides itself on building long-term relationships with its clients. After matching you with the perfect ghostwriter for your project, Elite aims to support you every step of the way to becoming a successful author, offering personalized support with book design, publishing, and marketing.

The company’s past clients include former Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, and New York Times bestselling authors. Given its many high-profile clients, Elite places a special emphasis on confidentiality–you can rest assured that anything you discuss with your ghostwriter will stay under wraps.

Scribe Media

Scribe’s ghostwriting services are aimed at individuals or companies looking to produce a book on business or personal development. By specializing in these areas, they are able to ensure that their ghostwriters will have the right expertise to be an asset to your project.

This company offers a choice of two packages–a basic interview-based ghostwriting service, and an elite plan that includes collaboration with award-winning editors and marketing advisors. The right fit for you will depend not only on how much you can spend, but on how involved you want to be in the writing and editing process.

Times Ghostwriting

This ghostwriting company gives you access not only to expert-level book writers, but to an experienced publication team that can help you see your project through, whether you’re an aspiring first-time author or a veteran.

86% of Times Ghostwriting’s clients have rehired the company for subsequent projects. Meanwhile, positive reviews of Times Ghostwriting abound. The company has been lauded by The Guardian, the BBC, and The Independent, among other well-regarded media.

In Summary

Choosing the right ghostwriting company is a delicate and important decision that will hinge on your budget, ideal timeframe, and desired level of involvement in the writing process.

No matter which company you choose, make sure to put time and effort into investigating the candidates you’re matched with. Working with a ghostwriter is a uniquely close collaboration. Be sure to meet any prospective ghostwriter in person (or at least over a video call) before making any commitments. 

You should leave that meeting with instinctive trust that your ghostwriter will be communicative, professional, and interested in really getting to know your writing goals.  

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