The 3 Best AI Content Writing Tools

In recent years, writers and markets have been paying increasing attention to AI content writing software. These futuristic tools are growing increasingly adept at generating relevant, informed, and well-structured text on a wide variety of topics.

Software capable of writing coherent, even creative text may sound too good to be true. And in most cases, AI is not yet capable of writing strong material without human oversight and guidance.

But when viewed as a powerful type of assistive technology, AI content writing tools can already be a valuable asset to content-creating businesses and individual writers, improving efficiency, quality, and accuracy. What’s more, there are already a number of effective apps on the market today.

If you’re interested in getting started with AI content writing tools, these three programs are worth exploring for their sophistication, user-friendliness, and strong customer support.


One of the most popular AI content writing tools on the market, Jasper takes a multi-pronged approach to helping you write better.  

First and foremost, Jasper’s AI-powered predictive text function is powered by the latest research on natural language processing, making it capable of generating original paragraphs or even entire articles based on just a few sentences’ worth of user input.

To help you structure your content, Jasper includes more than 50 built-in templates covering everything from short blog posts, to real estate listings, to product descriptions. 

While Jasper’s output is generally readable and grammatically correct, you’ll probably want to make some adjustments: adding “human” touches like humor, varying sentence structure, tweaking the wording to sound more like your own voice, or fleshing out and reducing certain sections. 

Still, making changes is much easier and faster than starting from scratch. Jasper gives you a great foundation. Use it to generate a blueprint for an entire piece, or simply to help you overcome writer’s block when you’re feeling burned out.

Part of Jasper’s popularity is also due to its ability to integrate with other leading writing and editing software apps, like Grammarly. If you want your content optimized for search engines, Jasper even allows you to hook up SurferSEO.

A simple interface makes Jasper a great option for writers who are still getting used to the world of AI content writing. Importantly, the company’s website provides excellent user documentation on how to get the most out of the tool, including fun instructional videos.

Jasper is available in more than 20 languages, and plans range from $49 to $99 per month, with custom plans and pricing available on request.


Whether you’re crafting a Facebook marketing blurb or a company-wide announcement, CopyAI’s text generator can help speed up the process.

Simply feed it a bit of input as to your topic area and content goals, and it can provide you with a draft (or multiple drafts to choose from). In most cases, these drafts need some TLC from a human writer in order to become publishable, but you’ll already have a leg up.

CopyAI also features a plagiarism checker and a number of templates to help guide your writing experience.

Unusually among top-rated AI content writing tools, CopyAI offers a free subscription. This gives you an allowance of up to 2,000 words per month, access to a number of helpful copywriting tools, and a seven-day trial of the Pro Plan, which normally costs $49 per month.

If you’re unsure about whether AI content writing is for you, this is a great way to test it out before committing. You won’t even need to provide your credit card details during signup.

Like Jasper, CopyAI offers a rich selection of resources to help you learn the ins and outs of their product. These are well worth exploring, since you can get much more value out of an AI content writing tool when you know how to tailor your prompts and make full use of the parameter settings.

If you really want to learn to use CopyAI like a pro, the company even offers weekly live training demos.

This software supports over 25 languages, and its ability to translate content accurately between them is rated highly by users.


AI technology is making a huge splash in the world of marketing. If you’re on the hunt for AI content writing tools that are tailored to marketers, ClosersCopy is a solid choice.

This app combines AI content generation software with SEO optimization tools to help you craft marketing collateral like sales copy, social media posts, presentations, and blog posts with ease.

Whereas most AI content writing tools, including the others on this list, use a language training model called GTP-3, ClosersCopy has developed its own algorithm that is tailored to marketing efforts. The AI is available in a wide range of world languages.

To further support you, CloserCopy gives you access to a library of over 700 templates and marketing workflow frameworks.

Using ClosersCopy without any training can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are not already well-versed in SEO terminology. Fortunately, ClosersCopy offers a complete library of support tools and documentation. The app’s Facebook group is quite active and is a great place to get your questions answered, as well as to see how others are making use of the tool.

Currently, there is no free version of CloserCopy. However, the company does offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. Subscription plans range from $49.99 to $99.99 per month.

In Summary

If you haven't yet tried out AI-powered text generation tools, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to improve your content marketing. AI content writing tools can help you create better, more engaging content more quickly and easily than ever before.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these tools are still in their infancy. That means you should always view them as assistants, not stand-alone authors. Always proofread, fact-check and edit your content before publishing, even if you used a top-of-the-line AI tool to help generate it.

That being said, incorporating an AI tool into your writing workflow is an excellent way to save time, improve quality, and free up mental energy so you can focus on your ideas rather than the mechanics of writing.

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