How a Free AI Writing Assistant Can Save You Time

Even the most avid writers experience burnout. Whether you're working on a novel, a blog post, or a cover letter, sometimes the words just don't flow as easily as you'd like them to. There’s an app for that!

You’ve probably heard of AI-powered grammar and spell checkers, but the latest assistive writing technology goes beyond just correcting errors. There are even free tools that can help you come up with new ideas and structure your writing.

While they're not perfect, they can be a huge help when you're struggling to get your thoughts down on paper. Read on for the ways in which a free AI writing assistant can help improve your writing productivity.

What is an AI Writing Assistant?

AI writing assistance programs were originally developed to help people with disabilities more easily express themselves through writing. Now, many people and businesses interested in improving the speed and quality of their writing have incorporated AI technology into their workflow.

These tools learn to identify common patterns in text via machine-learning processes. They scour the internet, analyzing an enormous number of documents on a wide range of topics. This equips them to assess your own writing, and offer specific suggestions for improvement or expansion.

AI writing assistance tools can take a variety of forms. Some are stand-alone applications, while others are add-ons or plugins that integrate with your word processing software.

The right program for you will depend on what kind of help you’re looking for. You may prefer to make use of a writing assistance tool that can help you with the writing process from beginning to end, in which case you’ll want a program that analyzes and offers real-time suggestions as you type.

Or, you can choose to have an AI tool review your writing after you’ve completed a first draft. In this case, look for a program that is designed to analyze a complete document and generate specific recommendations for revision.

Generate and Structure Ideas

Often, the most challenging part of writing is coming up with ideas. If you have a vague sense of what you want to write about but can't seem to hone in on a specific angle, a free AI writing assistant can help in a couple of different ways.

The first is by providing inspiration based on what you've already written. Apps such as CopyAI are designed to get your mind moving by suggesting prompts and related topics.

For example, if you've started a draft of an essay but are struggling to come up with additional points, the AI can analyze your existing text and make suggestions for how to expand upon it. 

Another way an AI can help with ideation is by providing structure when you’re having trouble organizing your thoughts. As you start writing, the AI can create an outline for you based on your input. This can be especially helpful if you're working on a longer piece of writing, such as a research paper or book.

Automate the Mundane

Once you finally get into the writing zone, it can feel frustrating to have to break focus in order to format your text, cite sources, or look up additional information.

A free AI writing assistant can help you automate some of the more tedious tasks associated with writing, allowing you to stay focused on the content itself.

Many of these tools have the ability to help you format your work according to a specific style guide. In most cases, all you need to do is provide the assistant with a few details about your desired style, and it will take care of the rest as you write freely.

This can be a huge time-saver when you're working on long documents with complex formatting requirements. Some programs are even geared towards formatting specific types of writing, such as screenplays and books.

Additionally, free AI writing assistants like Quillbot can help you cite references as you write–a lifesaver when you're working on a deadline and don't have time to track down the full details of each source. 

All you need to do is provide the assistant with enough information to identify the sources you're using, and it will insert the appropriate citations in your text.

In addition to formatting, a free AI writing assistant can help you with research. For instance, if you're writing a paper and need to find sources to support your claims, the assistant can scour the internet for you and provide a list of relevant articles. All you have to do is tell the assistant what types of sources you're looking for, and it will do the rest.

Get a Second Set of Eyes

In addition to freeing up your time for writing, using a free AI writing assistant can also help you improve the quality of your work. This is because many of these assistants come with features that can help you catch errors and spot potential problems. 

For example, most writing assistants include a spell checker that can automatically fix common mistakes. Some also include grammar checkers that can identify and correct errors in your use of grammar.

But these tools address more than just outright mistakes. A good writing assistant like Grammarly and Hemingway can also help you improve your style and use of language.

Many come with a thesaurus that can help you find more precise, varied vocabulary to use in your writing. And some even offer suggestions on how to improve the structure of your sentences.

Usually, this input is based on parameters that you set. So, if you’re aiming for a more formal, informative tone in your writing, the tool will recommend different options than it would if you were writing a casual, descriptive piece.

In Summary

While AI writing assistants can't replace the human brain when it comes to generating new ideas, they can be a helpful tool for getting over writer's block or organizing complex thoughts. So if you're feeling stuck, give one of these apps a try.

However, keep in mind that AI writing assistants are still in their infancy. As such, they're not always accurate and can make errors that a human writer would never make. 

Use them to jog your mind, keep your momentum up, and handle some of the grunt work that comes with writing. But ultimately, you should always use your own judgment to determine what's best for your piece.

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