How Blog Writing AI Can Help You Write Better, Faster Content

If you’re a blogger or content writer, you know the challenge of needing to produce high volumes of well-researched, flawlessly written content on a tight deadline. Being creative all day, every day, can be exhausting. 

What if you could get some help–not from your colleague in another time zone, but from a lightning-fast machine?

Blog writing AI tools are relatively new, but evolving rapidly.  In 2018, 29% of global marketing leaders reported using AI-powered technology. By 2021, that figure had risen to 84%.

It’s fascinating to think of the places AI may lead us as it is increasingly applied to creative pursuits. But for now, AI writing tools are already sophisticated enough to help us create content more quickly and efficiently. 

What is Blog Writing AI?

Many writers are experienced with AI-powered text editor tools, such as Quillbot and Grammarly, which analyze text and make suggestions on how to improve grammar and style. But increasingly, writers are turning to AI not just to fine-tune their own writing, but to actually produce content.

These AI writing tools can be used for a variety of purposes, such as helping people with disabilities communicate more easily, generating reports or articles from data, or even creating new works of fiction.

AI text generators are trained on structured big data. Using patterns they identify in how humans write, they are able to produce new, fully original text. Users simply enter information about their topic, as well as prompts (for example, the beginning of a sentence) to point the AI in the right direction and demonstrate the style and tone they are looking for.

Blog writing AI software is not yet capable of creating fluid, accurate articles in full without substantial direction from a human being. However, these tools can be extremely useful in speeding up the writing process and improving the end result.

Examples of popular AI software for blog articles include Writesonic and

Generate a Framework

One of the most time-consuming tasks that go into writing a blog post or article is at the very beginning, when you’re figuring out how to structure and organize your initial thoughts. 

With your creative brain not yet fully warmed up, and a blank document staring you in the face, you might appreciate a push in the right direction.

A blog writing AI tool can help you by taking your ideas and automatically creating a structure for your blog post, complete with headlines, subheadings, and bullet points. This can be a huge time-saver, and it ensures that your final product is well-organized and easy to read.

With your basic structure in place, your thinking and writing process will become more streamlined. All you have to do is flesh out the content within each section.

The ability of blog writing AI tools to generate frameworks may also come in handy if you plan to have someone else write the content for you. You can quickly and easily provide that person with a clear, detailed outline, reducing the need for back-and-forth.

Speed Up Your Research

Blog writing AI tools are popular not only for their ability to organize content and weave on-point sentences, but also for their research function: as they scan for input on any given topic, they synthesize key facts and prevalent viewpoints.

A recent study found that the average person spends over two hours researching a single blog post. AI writing tools, on the other hand, can create text informed by numerous sources in just seconds. This can be a major help when it comes to producing a quality blog post, as it allows the writer to spend more time polishing the text.

However, it’s important not to rely too heavily on AI writing tools for research. Many of these programs are trained on data from a specific period, which means the facts and figures they pull could potentially be out of date. It’s a best practice to double-check any factual claims made by an AI text generator against current sources.

Still, this is likely faster than doing your own research from scratch–and it could lead you down some interesting avenues you wouldn’t otherwise have considered.

Jumpstart Your Creative Process

All writers, no matter how experienced, struggle with creative blocks. Writing is a highly focused, involved process. If you’re tired or distracted, it can quickly become overwhelming. You might find yourself struggling for ages to put a very simple idea into words.

Blog writing AI programs can help you break through those tough moments by suggesting alternative ways of expressing a concept or organizing a paragraph. This might take some collaboration between you and the program–you might not receive a perfect result initially–but you’ll at least have a starting point to help you re-focus your mind.

Just make sure you don’t let the AI run the show. Once you’ve become comfortable working with it, you might be tempted to try and minimize your own involvement. But these tools should help you unlock your creativity, not sideline it.

After you’ve finished putting together your text, take a break, then come back and read it over with fresh eyes. This will help you notice any issues with the overall flow of the article, and ensure the style and tone are consistent.

Finally, your article shouldn’t sound like it was written by a machine (even if some of it was!). Don’t forget to sprinkle “human” flourishes like humour or evocative word choices throughout the text.

In Summary

The main advantage of blog writing AI tools is increased efficiency. When used effectively, these programs can drastically cut down the amount of time you spend doing background research, organizing your ideas, and putting your thoughts into words.

You’ll enjoy having more time to focus on other aspects of writing, like polishing your final text and thinking up witty lines to add character.

Making the most of AI writing software definitely takes some practice. You’ll need to develop a solid understanding of how your program of choice works, and learn how to feed it prompts that will elicit the strongest results.

However, if you’re willing to put in the effort, AI writing tools can be a powerful asset for any blogger, especially those who are still building confidence, those facing short turn-around times, and those who simply need some help managing a taxing workload. 

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